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Virtual COVID-19 Workshop: COVID and Ethics, Medical Rationing & Disability

This interdisciplinary virtual workshop and seminar led by Professors Ian Ayres ‘86 and Abbe R. Gluck ‘00, features leading scholars, industry leaders, scientists, advocates, and government experts to discuss the pandemic’s intersections with, and disruptions to, many areas of law.

The workshop is open to the whole community; Q&A will be conducted via the chat for those not enrolled in the seminar. The full list of speakers for this week's worksop are below.

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  • University of Michigan Law School

    Samuel Bagenstos
    Frank G. Millard Professor of Law
  • Weill Cornell Medical College, Yale Law School

    Dr. Joseph J. Fins
    The E. William Davis, Jr. M.D. Professor of Medical Ethics, Chief of the Division of Medical Ethics, Professor of Medicine, Professor of Public Health, and Professor of Medicine in Psychiatry
  • Stanford University

    Henry T. (Hank) Greely (YLS '77)
    Deane F. and Kate Edelman Johnson Professor of Law and Director, Center for Law and the Biosciences, Stanford Law School; Director, Stanford Program and Neuroscience and Society; Chair, Steering Committee of the Center for Biomedical Ethics
  • King's College London

    Peter Littlejohns
    Professor of Public Health in the Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine; Honorary Consultant to Guy's and St. Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust


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Sep 202016Wednesday
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