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YSPH Environmental Health Sciences Imaging Mass Spectrometry and Omics Symposium

Modern mass spectrometry imaging technologies permits high-resolution spatial localization of metabolites,

proteins and drugs within intact tissue sections, single cells and many other biological surfaces. It holds significant

promise in augmenting the spatial fidelity of classical histology by generating highly robust big data about the

metabolic, lipidomic and proteomic content of samples. A single MSI experiment produces tissue images of hundreds

to thousands of molecular species. With the use of machine learning technologies, it is possible to determine the

molecules that correlate with tissue pathology, cell type, drug distribution and/or toxicity. MSI technologies have a

particular translational relevance to cancer research where molecules and pathways can be characterized in tumor

cells and their microenvironment, allowing direct therapeutic effects to be assessed. Please join the Yale School of

Public Health for this symposium, that will explore advances and challenges in analytical and computational tissue

imaging mass spectrometry.







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