Robin Masheb, PhD

Professor of Psychiatry; Director, Veterans Initiative for Eating and Weight (The VIEW at VA CT)

Research Departments & Organizations

Psychiatry: Psychology Section

Obesity Research Working Group

Office of Cooperative Research

Research Interests

Bariatric Surgery; Binge-Eating Disorder; Body Image; Cognitive Therapy; Eating; Evidence-Based Medicine; Feeding and Eating Disorders; Health Behavior; Obesity; Overweight; Pain; Psychiatry; Veterans

Research Summary

Dr. Masheb is a Senior Research Scientist and clinical psychologist at the Yale School of Medicine. She specializes in the design and implementation of behavioral, dietary, and pharmacologic interventions, and has extensive NIH and VA-funded research experience conducting clinical trials. Her research is focused on improving weight loss outcomes, and treating eating disorder symptoms, in underserved populations (overweight, male, minority, and Veteran groups). Dr. Masheb has published over 140 peer-reviewed articles, including articles related to obesity (weight loss/dieting, physical activity, bariatric surgery and metabolic syndrome), eating disorders (binge eating/binge eating disorder, bulimia, eating behaviors, and body image), and pain.

Extensive Research Description


IIR TBD (R01 equivalent)                             Mitchell (PI)                                                     01/01/2019-03/31/2021 

VA Health Services Research & Development (HSR&D) 

Eating Disorders in Veterans: Risk, Resilience, and Service Use 

The specific aims of this project are to: 1) examine the prevalence of male and female Veterans reporting full and subthreshold eating disorders 2) identify service use and needs among male and female Veterans with eating disorders; 3) examine models of risk and protective factors for eating disorders and examine gender similarities and differences in these models; and 4) validate a screening measure of eating disorders. 

Role: Co-Investigator 

IIR  17-223-2   (R01 equivalent)                  Masheb; Maguen (Multi-PIs)                               12/01/2018-11/30/2022 

VA Health Services Research & Development (HSR&D) 

Eating Disorder Screening and Diagnostic Tools for the Veterans Healthcare System 

The objective of this study is to develop an evidence-based clinical pathway to address eating disorders in the VA that will aid in standardizing care and improving outcomes for Veterans. This multi-site study aims to develop and validate screening and diagnostic tools for DSM-5 eating disorders, and to determine how to best implement these tools for treatment referral. 

Role: PI 

W81XWH1810697                                          Mitchell; Cooper (Multi-PIs)                               09/30/2018-9/29/2021 

Department of Defense (DoD) 

Eating Disorders in Veterans: Prevalence, Comorbidity, Risk, and Healthcare Use 

This project will establish apost-9/11 cohort of Veterans to: 1) examine the prevalence of full/subthreshold eating disorders by gender and other subgroups, 2) examine temporal associations with comorbid disorders, 3) document treatment patterns and healthcare preferences, and 4) identify barriers to care. 

Role: Subaward PI 

CIN 13-407, LIP 96-028                                    Masheb (PI)                                                       06/01/2017-9/30/2018  

VA Health Services Research & Development (HSR&D) 

Virtual Treatment for Healthy Eating and Stress Management in Veteran Cancer Survivors 

This study aims to test the feasibility, acceptability and initial efficacy of a virtual, patient-centered treatment for healthy eating and stress management/resiliency for Veteran cancer survivors. 

Role: PI 

IIR 15-349                                                         Masheb (PI)                                                      08/01/2017-07/30/2021

VA Health Services Research & Development (HSR&D) 

Weight Loss Treatment and CBT for Veterans with Binge Eating 

This multisite randomized controlled trial aims to reduce binge eating, improve mental health, and enhance weight loss response in Veterans who are overweight/obese. The project leverages the VA’s national weight management program by combining it with cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), the best-established treatment for binge eating. 

Role: PI 

QUE 15-286                                                      Lowery (PI)                                                   10/01/2015-09/30/2020 

VA Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (QUERI) 

PrOVE: Personalizing Options through Veteran Engagement 

The goal of this project is to rapidly implement effective clinical practices into the existing VA national weight management program. Practices emphasize personalized care, shared decision-making, self-management, and patient-centered performance systems. 

Role: Co-Investigator 

CIN 13-407                                                        Bastian (PI)                                                 10/01/2013-09/30/2018 

VA Health Services Research & Development (HSR&D)  

Pain Research, Informatics, Multimorbidities, and Education (PRIME) Center of Innovation 

The PRIME Center is one of VA’s 19 national Health Services Research & Delivery Centers of Innovation (COINs). As Director of Education, I lead the national mentoring, dissemination and educational initiatives. The Center aims to enhance local and national capacities for a broad research and education agenda focused on pain and related comorbidities, particularly obesity. 

Role: Director of Education 

     COMPLETED RESEARCH (past 3 years)

1R01CA180030-01                                         deAraujo; Small (Multi-PIs)                          09/01/2013-06/30/2017 


The Gut-Brain Axis: A Novel Target for Treating Behavioral Alterations in Obesity 

The overall aim of the project is to determine whether gut N-Acylethanolamines precursors rescue striatal function and reduce impulsivity scores in a series of basic and translational trials of subjects with altered diets and weight. As subaward PI I oversee the weight loss and weight maintenance trial used in the translational study of humans for this project. 

Role: Sub-award PI

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