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Ravinder Nath, PhD, FACR

Professor Emeritus of Therapeutic Radiology

Contact Information

Ravinder Nath, PhD, FACR

Mailing Address

  • Therapeutic Radiology

    PO Box 208040

    New Haven, CT 06520-8040

    United States

Research Summary

More than half of the cancer patients receive radiation treatment. The goal of radiation treatment of cancer is to deliver a lethal dose to the tumor volume without exceeding the tolerance of surrounding normal tissues. This is achievable by current treatment techniques for about half of the patients receiving radiation with a curative intent. About half of these patients fail locally within the tumor volume itself.

Our research is aimed to benefit these patients who should not have failed locally. The overall objective of the research in radiological physics is to develop and utilize new physical techniques of tumor and normal tissue imaging, dose calculations, dosimetry measurements and delivery techniques, and to develop new physical modalities such as new brachytherapy sources, new radiation devices, etc.

Specialized Terms: Radiation Oncology Physics; Dose calculations; Dosimetry measurements and delivery techniques; Brachytherapy sources and Physics; Radiation devices; Tumor and normal tissue imaging; Radiation Biology

Extensive Research Description

Current projects include development of new brachytherapy modalities, dosimetry of new brachytherapy sources using TLD and gamma ray spectroscopy, stereotactic radiosurgery, evaluation of the impact of edema on the dosimetry of prostate implants.


Research Interests

Brachytherapy; Cesium; Physics; Radiation; Radiometry; Radiation Oncology

Selected Publications