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COVID-19 in Connecticut Schools

This dashboard shows estimates of cumulative and weekly cases in each public school. To protect the privacy of individuals, the state reports schools with weekly counts lower than 6 as a single category: <6. A lower-bound estimate takes all <6 counts to be 1, a medium estimate considers them all 3, and an upper-bound estimate treats them all as 5. This gives a range of possible values for each school building.

The map shows the most recent week’s case counts for each public school. For visual simplicity, the map omits private schools, special programs and schools with zero cases in all weeks of the school year. Some schools are mapped to the center of their town when specific addresses could not be found.

Community case rates are shown for each town. As of February 2021, the Centers for Disease Control considers over 100 new cases per week per 100,000 residents as “High Transmission.” 50-99 cases represent “Substantial Transmission,” 10-49 cases are “Moderate Transmission,” and 0-9 cases are “Low Transmission.” Full in-person learning is recommended only when community transmission is Low or Moderate.

Data Sources:

Created by: Yale COVID-19 Mapping Team