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Template 3.0 and Profile System Timeline Updates

April 23, 2015
by Justin Fansler

We're moving closer to completion on the new school website templates and Profile System, but we're experiencing longer delays than originally anticipated. Our revised launch date is approximately June 15.

Template 3.0

Our team is working through the school’s 560 websites to identify and correct layout issues that we see in the Template 3.0 transition. While we will not be able to review every site before launch, we are working to review as many as possible and correct major issues, including image placement, table formatting, profile listing adjustments, and other general layout issues. We will be making these adjustments directly to your current website in Tridion, but we will not publish the changes to your live website. If you do publish a page to the live website that we’ve adjusted and have questions, please reach out to us via

We will begin to have previews of your websites in the new template in late-May, including all School of Medicine, School of Public Health, Yale Medical Group, Yale Cancer Center, Yale Trials and Lab websites.

This will be your opportunity to review the site in the new Template 3.0 design and make notes about updates you'd like to make. The week before launch, we'll institute a content-freeze on your existing site and ask you to make changes only to your new Template 3.0 site. Making changes will not be required, but it will give you the opportunity to make updates before the final launch. Of course, you'll have the same access to make updates after the Template 3.0 launch.

Profile System

You're going to be really pleased with the new system! It's a wonderful improvement in functionality, design and speed. The redesign has turned out to be a much larger project than we previously anticipated, but it too will launch with Template 3.0. As we get closer to launch, we'll begin publishing more information about core system enhancements nd will invite you to preview the new system.

Thank you for all of your hard work in collecting new profile images. Please continue to work with your faculty to obtain updated images. If you need a reminder of people in your organization who will be missing headshots in the new profile system, please reach out to and we can provide you with a list.

If you have any questions about the upcoming launches, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

Submitted by Justin Fansler on May 29, 2015