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Childs, Haeny, Wyatt Honored by Connecticut Psychological Association

November 10, 2021

Three faculty in the Yale Department of Psychiatry have been honored with awards by the Connecticut Psychological Association (CPA).

Angela Haeny, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, and Janan Wyatt, PhD, Associate Research Scientist, received the CPA Award for Distinguished Contribution to Diversity in Psychology.

For Haeny, the award acknowledges her leadership of the Ethnic Diversity Task Force and her numerous contributions to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion within the psychology community and beyond. “Furthermore, your leadership among the students and in the community as well as your efforts to advance the profession are important and meaningful,” CPA wrote to Haeny.

Wyatt was honored for important contributions to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion within and beyond the psychology community, including her leadership of the Social Justice Seminar Series over the past year.

Amber W. Childs, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Director of Training for the Yale School of Medicine Doctoral Internship in Clinical and Community Psychology, received the CPA Ethnic Diversity Task Force Individual Diversity Award.

Childs was identified to receive the award given her work to increase recruitment, retention, and training of people of color in psychology and her dedication to dismantling racism in the psychology training program at Yale.

Recent examples include the grant funded development and implementation of the G.R.O.W (Getting Racism Out of our Work) Curriculum, a program intended to increase psychology and psychiatry training faculty’s knowledge and awareness of antiracism and diversity, equity, and inclusion concepts and facilitate development of concrete skills to effectively incorporate these concepts into practice, with the aim of improving teaching and supervisory practices.

For her work, Childs was identified as a leader in her professional community and the award acknowledges her efforts to support and advance the profession as both important and meaningful.

Submitted by Christopher Gardner on November 11, 2021