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Kaelyn Sumigray, PhD

Assistant Professor of Genetics

Contact Information

Kaelyn Sumigray, PhD

Lab Location

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Research Summary

Our goal as a lab is to understand the factors that affect stem cell niche morphogenesis and function. To this end, we study the formation of the mammalian intestinal stem cell niche, the crypt. Through confocal microscopy, transcriptome analysis, and 3D organoid culture, we are uncovering novel contributors to crypt morphogenesis and the impacts they have on tissue function.

Current projects include regulation of cell-extracellular matrix attachments, changes in the extracellular matrix during crypt formation, roles for planar cell polarity in crypt morphogenesis, as well as recruitment and involvement of other cell types that instruct crypt morphogenesis. Details can be found on the lab website.


Research Interests

Cell Adhesion; Cytoskeleton; Intestinal Polyps; Intestine, Small; Actin Cytoskeleton; Morphogenesis; Stem Cells; Cell Polarity; Organogenesis; Cell Shape; Stem Cell Niche

Selected Publications