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Chris Longenecker, MD is a non-invasive cardiologist and leading expert on the cardiovascular complications of HIV infection in the era of combination antiretroviral therapy. He graduated medical school from The Ohio State University and then completed internal medicine training at the University of California, San Francisco. He was a cardiology fellow at University Hospitals/Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH) where he then joined the faculty of the Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute in 2013.

In parallel programs of research in Cleveland and Uganda, he has studied the effect of chronic inflammation on vascular and structural heart disease in treated HIV infection. In partnership with the Joint Clinical Research Center and the Uganda Heart Institute, his work also aims to build cardiovascular infrastructure in Uganda and to leverage HIV/AIDS infrastructure for non-communicable disease care, with a specific focus on rheumatic heart disease.


  1. To describe the global epidemiology of HIV related cardiovascular disease.
  2. To describe the HIV treatment cascade and how management of CVD risk varies across the treatment cascade spectrum.
  3. To describe unique mechanisms of cardiovascular disease in people living with HIV and the relevance of these mechanisms to US and sub-Saharan African populations.


  • Case Western Reserve University

    Chris Longenecker, MD
    Assistant Professor





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