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John Chang, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine (General Medicine); Chair, Flow Committee

I’m a hospitalist and nephrologist with interests in medical education, team-science research, and quality improvement. After completing medical school at Yale, I stayed here for internal medicine residency and a nephrology fellowship. As a hospitalist at the West Haven VA over the last 14 years, I’ve worked closely with medical students and internal medicine residents at the bedside. I’ve also led small groups of learners that meet longitudinally as a pre-clinical tutor for Yale medical students and as mentor/advisor/coach (MAC) for Yale internal medicine residents. My other clinical interest is in the management of cardiovascular autonomic dysfunction and hypertension. I’m one of the hypertension specialists at the Hypertension Program at Yale New Haven Hospital.

I’m involved in team-science research as a member of the Desir Laboratory. Through patient-oriented and lab-based projects, one key aim is to understand the clinical impact of renalase, a novel hormone with potent prosurvival and anti-inflammatory effects.

I serve as chair the Flow Committee at the West Haven VA and have led quality improvement initiatives to reduce length of stay and facilitate the flow of inpatients from admission to discharge.

Over the years, trainees have shared with me the challenges of medical training, the very same challenges all of us physicians have had to face. I am indebted to the many teachers, mentors, and colleagues who not only imparted clinical skills and knowledge to me, but also provided guidance and encouragement to persevere. It is my hope that through the Longitudinal Coaching Program, I’d be able to pass on the benefits that I’ve received to those launching into their medical career.