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The inspirED Process: Empowering Youth to Launch Peer Outreach Projects that Promote Healthy Social Media Habits

Enrollment Information
This page includes enrollment information for the inspirED Process project. On this page you will find information regarding who we are looking to enroll for this project, along with additional information of what involvement in this project will look like. If you have additional questions, contact information for this project is also listed below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?
We are recruiting schools that are based in the US, comfortable with and able to participate in an online training given in English, and serving students in the 6-12 grade range. We welcome traditional middle and high schools, as well as schools who serve these grades in other configurations (e.g., the 6-8 graders at a K-8 school).
What happens during the study?

This project is a study of a program called inspirED, where teams of students measure their school climate and design a project aimed at improving school climate and incorporating healthy technology.

One or two adults from the school would serve as sponsors for the inspirED team. The first step is to schedule the first set of school-wide surveys. These surveys provide the inspirED team with information about school climate, healthy technology use, school satisfaction, and emotions at school. Then, the inspirED team enrolls in a 4-6 hour online training that supports them in analyzing their data and developing a project idea. From there, the inspirED shifts to independent work on their chosen project while continuing to receive support and check ins from the staff at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. When the project is complete, we re-administer the school-wide surveys and have the inspirED team return to the online training to complete about 1-2 hours of additional modules.

How is our information protected?
All responses are anonymous and kept confidential within the research team. Individual students cannot be identified by their responses. Data reports are provided to the school at aggregated levels to protect anonymity.
When is the study?
Schools can register to participate through the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year.
What are the benefits of participating?
This study offers an opportunity to receive extensive support in creating an inspirED team, which will promote student voice, youth leadership, positive school climate, and healthy technology practices. The study will also help to support research into best practices in school programs designed to foster youth voice.
How do we sign up?
How are we compensated?
Schools receive $350 to fund the inspirED team’s project.
Can other schools from our district participate?
Absolutely! We welcome all schools that are eligible.
What is the process for getting enrolled?
To enroll, schools need to complete a School Agreement Form and send to
I have questions. Can I meet with the research team?
Of course! Please reach out to the team at