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123-MOMS is a research study designed to help us understand how programs for mothers and infants—delivered online through telehealth—can help to support family health and wellbeing.

Participation in the study lasts approximately 15 months, beginning in pregnancy and continuing until your baby turns one year old.

To learn about mothers and infants, we ask participants to provide different types of information at 6 time points called “assessments.” Specifically, we ask participants to:
  • Answer written questionnaires online, about yourself and your baby
  • Video-record yourself and your baby interacting (about 15 mins, each)
  • Audio-record yourself answering a few questions (about 3 mins, each)
  • Bring your baby to our office for an in-person development assessment when they turn one year old
  • Give us permission to obtain certain information from your electronic medical record and your baby’s electronic medical record
Some participants will also be randomly selected to engage in live, online classes with other mothers. These classes teach skills related to stress management and parenting. The classes take place weekly, through a video platform such as Zoom. Only some of the participants in the study will be randomly selected to engage in the weekly classes.

All participants are provided an iPad and an unlimited cellular data plan for the length of participation. Those who stay engaged through all 15 months and complete the assessment when your baby turns one year old, the iPad becomes yours to keep. Also, participants can earn up to $200 for completing the assessments.

There are minimal risks involved in participating in this study. For example, we make every effort to keep information that participants provide completely confidential, but confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.
Participation in the study is voluntary.

Research Team