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GDO-R Private Child Assessment Administration

The Gesell Developmental Observation-Revised (GDO-R) is a comprehensive multidimensional assessment system that assists educators and other professionals in understanding characteristics of child behavior in relation to typical growth patterns between 2½ to 9 years of age.

Understanding these characteristics can allow professionals to develop learning programs that better fit the child’s current state which in turn provide the child with a richer and less frustrating learning experience. For that reason, scheduling a private administration of the GDO-R, for one child or all students, with one of Gesell’s qualified experts can improve teacher-student relationships and yield a more productive school year for everybody involved.

The administration takes approximately 45 minutes and is then followed by a detailed final report on the developmental stage of the assessed child that can be submitted to school administrators, pediatricians, psychologists, and other professionals working with young children. Follow-up consultations can be arranged as well.

Individual Families

Please fill out the Private Assessment Inquiry Form at the bottom of this page.

The following options are available:

  1. Reserve a time to bring your child to the Gesell Program in New Haven, CT for scheduled assessment days. Fee: $500
  2. Schedule a virtual assessment at a time convenient for your family. A Qualified Examiner will assess your child using video conferencing, with your support as a Proxy. Fee: $500
  3. Schedule a Qualified Examiner to come to your location to administer the assessment. Fee: $750 plus travel costs of the examiner

Schools & Early Education Centers

Schools or child care centers can contract with Gesell to send Qualified Examiners to administer the Gesell Developmental Observation to their students live, or virtually. Having highly experienced Gesell professionals administer and analyze results brings assurance of validity and reliability in the outcomes of our child assessments. We offer four Assessment Package options, some including professional development to aid teachers, admissions staff, and leadership in interpreting results. Assessments can be administered live or virtually. (If virtual, school or family must provide an on site Proxy to assist in each administration.) Live administrations incur travel and accommodation costs.

1. One set of assessments:

*For schools/centers who have a trained examiner on site to aid in interpreting results.

*Gesell examiner travel and accommodation costs required in addition for live administrations.

  • <10 children - $3,000
  • 11-20 children - $6.000
  • 21-30 children - $9,000
  • 31-40 children - $12,000
  • 41-50 children - $15,000
  • 51-60 children - $18,000
  • 61-70 children - $21,000

2. Add a PD session (virtual or live) for school/center staff to understand how to interpret the reported results of the assessments:

  • $1,000 plus trainer travel costs for live seminars*

3. Follow-up eConsultation

Consult with a Gesell Qualified Examiner for assistance with analyzing results, communicating with parents, or any other GDO-R administration and interpretation support. Fee: $100 per hour