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Why Become a Member of 21C

The 21C program provides a way for the school, the parents and the community to combine efforts for the education and care of our nation's children. The 21C program can aid schools and teachers by helping their students to be healthier, happier, and more ready to learn. It helps families by helping them to find what they need in one setting, their child's school. The 21C program improves the school climate and the community at large. We have also included the following quotes from researchers, professional educators, superintendents, principals and teachers, and parents on the 21C program.


The School of the 21st Century is right on target in tying together child care, preventative health care, after-school care, and parent education. Locating these in schools in one excellent way to bring a sense of community back to families. What better way to make this constellation of services available to all families and to ensure the health development of all children.

T. Berry Brazelton

One of the key attributes of effective programs is that they don't clone; rather they replicate the essence of a successful intervention while allowing each new setting to adapt many of its components to that locale's particular needs and strengths. I can think of no better example of this attribute in action than the Schools of the 21st Century.

Lisbeth Schorr,

Professional Educators

As we look at successful initiatives around the nation, none has had more success than the School of the 21st Century in being replicated in multiple settings. This program truly works for today's children and families - in all their diverse shapes and forms.

Gerald Tirozzi

21C operates as a school-based community center. The approach has a solid track record providing each community with flexibility to create its own version, while adhering to core principles that promote child and family development.

Ruby Takanishi

Superintendents, Principals and Teachers

The School of the 21st Century provided the research base and the philisophic underpinning for one of the most successful aspects of the Kentucky Education Reform Act: the Family Resource and Youth Service Centers. Yale University continues to be a tremendous resource from training, guidance, and support.

Robert (Sandy) Goodlett

The School of the 21st Century programs make our school district especially desirable for many young families. By diminishing the divisions between child care and education, the model puts into practice the view that learning begins at birth.

Robert Watkins

Our school is a better place for children, their parents and the community because of the School of the 21st Century. With a variety of services and an emphasis on quality, 21C has helped us create and optimum learning environment for children.

Valerie Livingstone

When I need help reaching out to or meeting the needs of a particular family, the Family Resource Center makes my job easier in the best sense of the word. It enables me to focus on children's academic learning with assurance that their other needs are being addressed.

Therese Horn


To be able to go to school with your children?! Hey, now that is a blessing and a joy. Because I was not employed when my children began school, I was able to enroll them and at the same time engage myself in an atmosphere of work and play.

Rachaelle Hayes-Ruff