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  • Renewal at the Yale Child Study Center

    Drawing inspiration from spring’s magical rebirth, the latest Yale Child Study Center “On Leadership” blog post focuses on moments of professional renewal and rejuvenation shared by a few members of the department.

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  • The Truth About Emotional Intelligence

    YCSC and Center of Emotional Intelligence faculty members Marc Brackett and Robin Stern address a brief history of emotional intelligence, which can predict success in a variety of ways.

    Source: Psychology Today
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  • Giving Educators Permission to Feel

    Everyone should have permission to feel, including educators. So, how are they really feeling? In this ASCD ​article, Marc Brackett shares why understanding emotions is vital for a positive school environment and how schools can prioritize emotional intelligence and enhance the well-being of educators by using RULER skills.

    Source: ASCD
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  • Exploring the Effects of Art on Cognition and Emotion at the Glencairn Museum Symposium

    The "Mirror to the World: Exploring the Power of Art Experience" event at Glencairn Museum delved into the profound effects of art on well-being, understanding, and creativity. Dr. Zorana Ivcevic Pringle led the event, presenting research on the mirror model of art which posits creation and appreciation as reciprocal. Through workshops and discussions, experts explored how art fosters deep engagement, self-reflection, and empathy. They discussed the transformative potential of art on personal flourishing and collective understanding. The event highlighted the role of museums in leveraging art for educational programs and emotional learning. Dr. Ivcevic Pringle's work underscores that art is not just to be seen, but felt, thought about, and understood in its full human significance.

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  • Advancing SEL science & practice: The Education Collaboratory & #SELDay

    March 8, 2024, is international SELDay! #SELDay is an international, community-driven campaign championing children’s social and emotional learning health and achievement worldwide. SEL supports students to feel their best and do their best at school, and #SELDay is a time to raise awareness and share resources to support the overall academic, social, and emotional health of all youth and adults, worldwide!

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  • Considering the “How” of SEL: A Framework for the Pedagogies of Social and Emotional Learning

    This article presents the Framework for the Pedagogies of SEL, which aims to theoretically articulate how teachers can support effective student SEL. We present an overview of how students acquire social and emotional knowledge, describe key processes of learning, and consider relations among culture, identity, and SEL to lay the foundation of the Framework for the Pedagogies of SEL.

    Source: Social and Emotional Learning: Research, Practice, and Policy
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