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Mentoring Practices

Our lab is dedicated to mentoring and fostering the career and professional development of students and trainees. All students and trainees will be oriented to our lab expectations and practices around mentorship when they begin. During initial meetings, we will also learn more about your goals while here and discuss the varying ways we can help you meet them.

Weekly report and progress

Students and trainees in the lab are expected to keep a running document (stored on Yale Box or Yale OneDrive) to report their regular progress including methods, findings, problems encountered, and troubleshooting.

Students and trainees writing or using code (R, Python, SPSS) for analyses are expected to also keep a running document (stored on Yale Box or Yale OneDrive) that is clear, well-organized, and can facilitate replication of findings for other lab members, collaborators, and/or research groups.

Scheduling meetings with me

Dr. Karim Ibrahim provides all lab members with access to a scheduling system with which they can schedule meetings during any open times on his calendar. Upon request, lab members may also schedule a regular standing meeting.

My goal is to facilitate each of my students and trainees in achieving their full potential and career goals. My guarantee to students and trainees is that I will be there to help you, even after you have left the lab. This can include letters of recommendation, mentorship on career and professional development, or personal advice.