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Coaching & Consultation Services

The Gesell Program in Early Childhood Coaching and Consultation Services empower teachers to build a learner-centered, culturally responsive and personalized classroom that promotes positive child outcomes. We place tremendous value on Gesell Program's roots and culture: a shared passion to transform professional learning for educators and support developmentally appropriate learning environments for children. Our evidence-based coaching and consultation practices consider current research when designing a responsive and relevant program of improvement and implementation at the teacher, classroom and program level.

How it Works

Gesell coaches work with you to define goals and improve outcomes for children and educators. The focus of coaching services can be teachers, leaders, classrooms, or whole programs/schools. Choose from one of our coaching programs below and contact us to set up a complimentary meeting to discuss how we can best support you:

  • Play Based Learning: The Gesell Guide to Sparking Wonder in the Early Childhood Classroom: Research confirms that inquiry-based play is how young children learn best. And in some states, play is now the mandated approach to learning in preschool and kindergarten. Gesell play coaches train educators on the science of inquiry-based learning and support implementation in early childhood classrooms through a four phase professional development and coaching process, described in this informational video. Watch to learn more!
  • The Gesell Approach to Observation and Assessment in Early Childhood: To understand children, Dr. Gesell taught, it is essential to observe with compassionate eyes, an informed mind and an open heart. To accomplish this goal we will revisit the foundations of child development, investigate observation best practices and how to use objective observations to scaffold and support, rather than to evaluate children, and practice reframing child behaviors as clues to be deciphered rather than problems to be solved. Importantly, we will engage in practices that will encourage us to adopt a lens of wonder and awe; to become interested and non-judgmental observers of the weird and wild ways of children.
  • Using Gesell Assessment Results to Guide Practice: Whether you use the GDO-R or the GES, our coaches will support you in using the results beyond simply the admissions process. Gesell assessments offer insight that can better prepare teachers even before the school year begins, as well as guide ongoing individualized instruction based on children’s developmental stage. Don’t let the wealth of information from your investment in assessments go unused!
  • Implementing a Family Friendly Admissions and Assessment Process: The admissions and assessment process can be stressful for families who want the best for their children. Gesell's expert assessor and coaching team can help you build an admissions process that leaves parents feeling engaged and supported.