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The Child Study Center serves, in part, as a center for basic neurodevelopment research on the earliest neurodevelopment and behavioral problems troubling children. The Center is actively growing in many areas from basic research in the genetic and neurobiological basis of childhood psychiatric disorders to training clinicians around the world in state of the art mental health service delivery.
  • Investigating the most basic components of human development: neurons, genes, neurotransmitters, and the earliest stages of neural development.
  • Developing and testing new clinical interventions based on neuroscientific discoveries.
  • Contains child study research in Innovations in Health Care Delivery, Educational Research, and Community-Based Research.
  • Collaborative Labs

    Collaborative labs in the Child Study Center include the Child Neuroscience, Developmental Electrophysiology, Neuroscience and Molecular Neurbiology, Technology and Innovation, and Yale Early Social Cognition.