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  • Helping Our Students Achieve ‘Post-Traumatic Growth’

    At any point in time, 1 in 5 children under the age of 18 are in need of behavioral-health services, and 80 percent of those children do not have access to the care they need. These numbers are now higher. Since the end of March 2020, nationwide and around the world, behavioral-health visits to emergency rooms for issues including anxiety, depression, and suicidality among children have been climbing steadily.

    Source: Education Week
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  • Scholastic On Our Minds Blog: New Book From Dr. Linda C. Mayes: The Educator’s Guide to Understanding Child Development

    Scholastic has released a new professional book, The Educator’s Guide to Understanding Child Development: Supporting Healthy Academic and Emotional Growth, by Dr. Linda C. Mayes, the Arnold Gesell Professor of Child Psychiatry, Pediatrics, and Psychology; Chair of the Yale Child Study Center; and steering committee member of the Yale Child Study Center + Scholastic Collaborative for Child and Family Resilience.

    Source: Scholastic On Our Minds Blog
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  • Back to School, Back Together: Classroom Resources for Teachers and Students

    A new school year is upon us, and students are returning to the classroom—some for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic was declared in March 2020. How can educators and families navigate an uncertain landscape? To help everyone get off to a great start, the Yale Child Study Center + Scholastic Collaborative have created “Back to School, Back Together,” an online hub with SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) resources, stories of resilience, and expert insights.

    Source: Scholastic Reads Podcast
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  • Support for Welcoming Students Back to School This Year

    As we begin welcoming students back to school in the coming weeks, we know educators have many questions about the year ahead. The following is a letter from Lauren Tarshis, SVP, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, Scholastic Magazines+, published on August 4, 2021, that shares insights and practical tips from Dr. Linda Mayes, Director of the Yale Child Study Center, as well as free articles from Scholastic Magazines+.

    Source: EDU Blog
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  • As Early Ed Teachers Prepare for Fall, New Study Backs Efforts to Support Young Children’s Mental Health

    Published in the journal Development and Psychopathology, the research focused on Ohio’s Whole Child Matters program, in which early-childhood mental health consultants make at least six visits to preschool classrooms to help educators develop positive relationships with children. Fifty-one classrooms were randomly assigned to participate in either the program or a control group.

    Source: The 74 Million
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  • Scholastic expands and adapts resources to support students and accelerate learning through summer reading

    Many districts, from New York City to San Francisco, are announcing an expanded focus on summer learning including social-emotional support, online experiences, and holistic learning opportunities for all students. Research has long proven that in a typical year, summer reading strengthens skills and today’s school leaders are hoping to use this time as a springboard to further support students after a challenging and historic year. To ensure families, schools, libraries, and communities have the tools they need, whether that is through in-person programming, remote at-home learning, or a hybrid, Scholastic has expanded and adapted free resources and low-cost offerings for summer learning.

    Source: Scholastic
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  • WHRY and Elevate Expand Help for Women and Families in Need

    Recognizing the urgent need to ensure the health of women in our communities, Women’s Health Research at Yale and Elevate, the university’s health policy lab, are collaborating to deploy interventions grounded in the latest and most reliable research directly to women and families.

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