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Training Information

Fathers for Change (F4C) is a clinical intervention. Individuals must have a master’s level or above clinical degree (MSW, MFT, Ph.D., etc). The following is a breakdown of Agency training costs and steps involved to train a group of clinicians at your selected location:

Training Component Description Agency Cost
2-day in-person Basic Training

Provides general overview of F4C theory, assessment and selection of appropriate cases, overview of the treatment and how to implement it with fidelity.

Includes didactic, experiential activities and video demonstrations by a Master Trainer.


12 months of twice monthly

consultation calls (24 calls total)

A maximum of 12 trainees per call participate in 1 hour calls twice monthly to receive consultation on implementation of F4C.

Trainees present cases and clinical challenges and successes and receive consultation while implementing their first cases.

$200 x 24= $4,800
1-day Booster Training

This 1-day training provides more advanced skills to clinicians who have been implementing F4C for at least 6 months.

It targets clinical problems and challenges that clinicians may face when doing this intervention.


Training Requirements to be fully trained in F4C

Clinicians must:

  1. Attend the 2-day Basic training
  2. Attend 80% of 24 consultation calls over 12 months
  3. Complete 3 cases during consultation
  4. Give 2 formal case presentations on the consultation calls