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Support & Consultation to Communities Following Mass Casualty

YCTSR faculty frequently consult with agencies and communities in the aftermath of acts of terror and natural disaster. The YCTSR has developed numerous resources for parents and professionals about helping children and families affected by catastrophic events.
YCTSR faculty members have responded to the communities in the aftermath of:

  • The Jonesboro, AK school shootings
  • The terrorist attacks of September 11th
  • Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Sandy
  • The Virginia Tech shootings
  • The mass murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School
  • The East Haven plane crash

as well as numerous smaller-scale events across the country.

In these responses, YCTSR faculty have played central roles -- consulting to federal, state and local leadership as key decisions are made, facilitating psychological stabilization for children and families, developing trauma-informed mental health response plans, and training local providers to offer state-of-the-science trauma-informed care. For more information, or to contact YCTSR in the event of an emergency, please call 203-785-7047.