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Mission, Vision and Core Beliefs


The Comer School Development Program is committed to the total development of all children by creating learning environments that support children's physical, cognitive, psychological, language, social, and ethical development.


Our vision is to help create a just and fair society in which all children have the educational and personal opportunities that will allow them to become successful and satisfied participants in family and civic life.

Core Beliefs

We believe that development is the foundation for all learning, noting especially that:
  • Child rearing, child development and learning are inextricably linked;
  • Development starts early and must be a continuous process;
  • Children's most meaningful learning occurs through positive and supportive relationships with caring and nurturing adults;
  • Parents are children's first teachers;
  • All parents, staff and community members, regardless of social or economic status, have an important contribution to make in improving students' education and their preparation for life; therefore
  • Adults must interact collaboratively and sensitively with one another in order to bring out the best in children

We believe that children:

  • Are capable of higher-order learning;
  • Learn through various developmental pathways: physical, cognitive, psychological, language, social and ethical;
  • Should be at the center of the educational enterprise;
  • Who develop well, learn well.