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2023-2024 Recordings

To access available recordings for this year’s Grand Rounds series, click on the title of the respective event listed below and scroll to “Related Media” to select the video. Click on the red icon to play the recording.

Grand Rounds

Nov 202328Tuesday
Nov 202321Tuesday
  • Everyone
    Celeste Poe, PhD, LMFT

    Nurturing Connection: Promoting Early Relational Health in the Context of Inpatient Medical Care

    Yale Child Study Center Grand Rounds

    Description & Learning Objectives

    A safe, nurturing, and responsive caregiving environment during the first 1000 days of a child’s life is critical in setting a strong foundation for lifelong growth and development. Prolonged hospital stays during these early years can have a profound impact on child outcomes including neurodevelopment, emotion regulation, and relational health. Unfortunately, the intersection of pediatric psychology and infant/early childhood mental health has largely been overlooked, with little attention placed on the child-parent dyad in the medical setting. Nevertheless, it is imperative that mental health professionals working in inpatient and outpatient settings are equipped to assess, recognize, and respond to the effects of prolonged inpatient medical intervention on children and caregivers to promote relational health and family resilience. The learning objectives for this session are to:

    1. Describe the unique needs of children and families facing early and prolonged inpatient medical intervention.
    2. Recognize the clinical utility in dyadic and relational-focused interventions in both inpatient and outpatient settings.
    3. Identify ways to integrate this relational, trauma-informed framework into current clinical practice, research, and education.

    This will be a hybrid session, held live and in person from the Cohen Auditorium and simulcast via Zoom.

    Continuing Education

    This program has been approved for one Continuing Education Credit Hour by the National Association of Social Workers, CT and meets the continuing education criteria for Social Work, Marriage & Family Therapist, Professional Counselor, and Licensed Psychologist Licensure renewal. Additional information will be provided at the live event.

Nov 202314Tuesday
Nov 20237Tuesday
Oct 202331Tuesday
Oct 202330Monday
  • Everyone
    Pamela Sutton-Wallace

    Exploring and Enhancing Leadership in the Academy

    Yale Child Study Center Grand Rounds "On Leadership" Series Kick-off

    This virtual session will be the first in a new quarterly leadership-focused lecture series, Exploring and Enhancing Leadership in the Academy, coordinated by YCSC Assistant Professor Daryn H. David, PhD in collaboration with YCSC Chair Linda Mayes, MD and the department's Grand Rounds committee.

    The inaugural speaker will be Pamela Sutton-Wallace, MPH, who serves as executive vice president and chief operating officer for the Yale-New Haven Health System. Additional details will be shared when available.

    The new series will provide an open forum with leaders at the Yale School of Medicine and beyond who are committed to principles of collaboration and service. These talks will be further promoted throughout the YCSC, at 230 South Frontage Road and 350 George Street, through leadership-themed posters designed by Skyler Rapacioli, an undergraduate graphic design student.

    Learning objectives for this new series are to:

    • Introduce foundational principles of service leadership, generativity, and coaching for effectiveness within the academy and health care
    • Highlight the service-oriented practices of prominent leaders within YSM, the Yale-New Haven Health System, Yale Medicine, and external institutions
    • Invite audience members to reflect on their own leadership practices, with an eye toward how service leadership principles could enhance their efforts

    Oct 202317Tuesday
    • Everyone
      Javeed Sukhera, MD, PhD

      Stigma in the Mirror

      Yale Child Study Center Grand Rounds

      While institutional wellness programs have been implemented in health professions education for many years, there have been numerous challenges in implementation. One of the challenges to existing wellness programs relates to how stigma against help-seeking limits prevention and early identification of distress. When experiencing the warning signs of psychological distress, individuals often do not seek support due to self-stigma which relates to fears of retribution, or appearing vulnerable or weak to others. Common approaches to stigma reduction, however, typically involve increasing knowledge to challenge biases and stereotypes which has not led to sustained or meaningful change. Emerging research on implicit and structural forms of stigma may provide unique insights that transform how we address stigma into the future. The learning objectives for this session are to:

      1. Discuss the concepts of implicit and structural stigma and their relevance to healthcare
      2. Describe a model for stigma recognition and management that has been empirically derived through research
      3. Explore ways to co-create systemic change to address stigma and improve wellbeing

      This will be a hybrid session, held live and in person from the Senn Conference Room and simulcast via Zoom.

      Speaker's social media handles:



    Oct 202310Tuesday
    • Yale Only
      Linda Mayes, MD - Tara Davila, LCSW

      First Annual Academic Progression Celebration

      Yale Child Study Center Grand Rounds

      This opportunity to gather together and celebrate academic progression among YCSC faculty and staff will be in-person only, in the Senn Conference Room at 230 South Frontage Road. The courtyard may also be available, weather permitting. Refreshments will be served, and opening remarks will be provided by Linda Mayes and Tara Davila. Those being recognized for recent promotion or progression (as finalized and approved in fiscal year '23 and to date in FY24, i.e., 7/1/22-9/30/23) are as follows. Congratulations to all!

      • Amanda Altieri, Compliance & Training Coordinator
      • Tanya Barnes, Account Assistant 5/Department Liaison
      • Heather Bonitz-Moore, Assistant Professor of Child Counseling
      • Laurie Cardona-Wolenski, Associate Professor of Child Psychology
      • Una Casey, Senior Administrative Assistant
      • Laura Ciarleglio, Assistant Professor of Social Work
      • Renee Cifarelli, Assistant Professor of Social Work
      • Daryn David, Assistant Professor
      • Megan De Carvalho, Assistant Professor of Social Work
      • Amanda Dettmer, Research Scientist
      • Karen Franchi, Training Program Administrator
      • Megan Goslin, Associate Professor of Clinical Child Psychology
      • Ellen Hoffman, Associate Professor
      • Karim Ibrahim, Assistant Professor
      • Suzanne Macari, Senior Research Scientist
      • Kieran Maiorana, Assistant Professor of Child Counseling
      • Katherine Malensek, Assistant Professor of Social Work
      • Crista Marchesseault, Director of Communications
      • Carla Marin, Assistant Professor
      • Heather Maurizio, Assistant Professor of Social Work
      • Emily Olfson, Assistant Professor
      • Kartik Pattabiraman, Assistant Professor
      • Michael Powers, Associate Clinical Professor
      • Vladislav Ruchkin, Associate Professor Adjunct
      • Gitta Selva, Program Administrator
      • Jordan Shamas, Program Administrator
      • Carla Stover, Professor
      • Denis Sukhodolsky, Professor
      • Linda Torv, Program Manager 1
      • Nadeeka Treadwell, Assistant Professor of Social Work
    Oct 20233Tuesday
    Sep 202319Tuesday
    Sep 202312Tuesday
    Jun 202320Tuesday
    • Yale Only
      Speakers to be announced.

      Child Study Center Grand Rounds: Honoring Juneteenth

      Join the YCSC Grand Rounds committee in the courtyard at 230 South Frontage Road (with the Cohen Auditorium as the rain location) to mark the end of our Grand Rounds season with an Annual Juneteenth Celebration. Established last year by Dr. Krystal Finch, Belinda Oliver, Dr. Camille Cooper, Stacey Cannon and Tara Davila, this event has won the hearts of YCSC community members. Social Work intern and Grand Rounds presenter Durrell Snow, who is also a small business owner, as well as the Yale African American Affinity Group will be on hand to talk about their work. Feel free to bring a folding chair to sit and connect with colleagues while listening to music and enjoying some culturally influenced treats.

    Jun 20236Tuesday
    May 202330Tuesday
    • Everyone
      Thema Bryant, PhD

      Child Study Center Grand Rounds: "Liberation Psychology: Addressing the Wounds of Racism"

      This presentation will illuminate ways the field of psychology can serve communities who live with the psychological effects of racism. Insights from liberation psychology, decolonial psychology, Black psychology, and womanist psychology will be presented. This training is for beginner and advanced clinicians, as most training programs have not offered training in addressing racial trauma. The training will encompass both theory and practical application of liberatory frameworks.

      The training also touches on sustainability, self-care, and community-care as clinicians may be direct targets themselves and may be affected by vicarious trauma when working with clients in the aftermath or continued exposure to racial trauma.

      Topics discussed will include:

      • The need for anti-racism therapeutic practice as an ethical mandate given the prevalence of racism-related stress and trauma
      • The overlapping theoretical frameworks of liberation psychology, decolonial psychology, and anti-racism psychology
      • Liberation and Decolonial Psychology in assessment and treatment.

      By the end of this workshop, clinicians will be able to:

      1. List at least three potential mental health consequences of racism
      2. Apply decolonial, trauma-informed principles to assessing racial trauma
      3. Describe an appropriate liberation, trauma-informed framework to a racial trauma intervention
    May 202323Tuesday
    May 202316Tuesday
    • Everyone
      Ami Klin, PhD

      Child Study Center Grand Rounds: "Translating Developmental Social Neuroscience Advances Into Solutions for the Early Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder"


      • Participants will recognize the public health challenges associated with access to early intervention services for toddlers with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and implications, for family and society, from late diagnosis.
      • Participants will learn about new advances capitalizing on eye-tracking research of early social development to generate cost-effective and community-viable solutions to increase access to early detection, diagnosis and assessment for young children with ASD and related social-communication and language delays.
      • Participants will learn about the available evidence on efficacy and effectiveness of these emerging technologies.

      Needs Assessment:

      ASD is the most common complex neurodevelopmental disorder, corresponding to a large portion of the pediatric practice of clinicians in general, and child psychiatrists. Early intervention can optimize outcomes, and yet, societal barriers persist. It is importance for practitioners and investigators alike to be aware of the public health challenges and opportunities associated with ASD, and emerging solutions that could potentially benefit 1 in every 44 children in the country.

    May 20239Tuesday
    May 20232Tuesday
    Apr 202325Tuesday
    • Everyone
      Jessica P Cerdena, PhD

      Child Study Center Grand Rounds: Imperative Resilience - What Latina Migrant Mothers Can Teach Clinicians about Trauma and Recovery

      Viola Bernard Special Lecture

      Viola Bernard Special Lecture

      This session has been approved for one Continuing Education Credit Hour by the National Association of Social Workers, CT and meets the continuing education criteria for Social Work, Marriage & Family Therapist, Professional Counselor, and Licensed Psychologist Licensure renewal.


      1) Characterize the multiple oppressions of state failure, gender-based violence, racism, and economic oppression that constrain opportunities for Latina migrant mothers;

      2) Describe imperative resilience as resistance to oppression and the limitations of conventional trauma inventories and clinical risk assessments

      3) Advance policy reforms to promote a more nurturing environment for Latina migrant mothers and their children.

      Needs Assessment:

      This talk centers the stories of mothers who migrated from Latin America, settled in New Haven, Connecticut, and overcame trauma and ongoing adversity to build futures for their children. First, I briefly characterize migration-related trauma, discussing the state failure that contributes to many women's decisions to leave their home countries and the gender-based violence, racism, and economic oppression that constrain their opportunities. I then describe how women engage engaging cognitive and social strategies to resist these interlocking oppressions to press onward, or "seguir adelante," upending conventional notions of positive coping and trauma recovery. I discuss the limitations of clinical trauma inventories and risk assessments in this population emphasizing the need for broader understandings of traumatic events and pathways toward healing. Finally, I address policy reforms that would promote a more nurturing environment for Latina migrant mothers such that they would not need to rely on their intrinsic mental and emotional strengths, but could rather harness that energy as surplus and invest it to further their goals for themselves and their families.

    Apr 202318Tuesday
    Apr 202311Tuesday
    Mar 202328Tuesday
    Mar 202321Tuesday
    Mar 202314Tuesday
    Mar 20237Tuesday
    Feb 202328Tuesday
    Feb 202321Tuesday
    Feb 202314Tuesday
    Feb 20237Tuesday
    Jan 202331Tuesday
    Jan 202324Tuesday