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Community Autism Socials at Yale

Project CASY

Community Autism Socials at Yale (Project CASY) is a university-organized, online, and local community of individuals living with autism, and the families, friends, and professionals involved in their lives. The main purpose is to promote a high quality of life for individuals living with autism.

Project CASY uses an organic, collaborative approach, where community members meet in person to nurture relationships and share ideas and experiences, while benefiting from the knowledge of clinicians and researchers at the Yale Child Study Center and other organizations. The online component allows for an extensive network spanning the entire state of Connecticut (and beyond), promoting diversity on many levels and curbing social isolation. As the community grows, subgroups proliferate to accommodate different interests.

Project CASY emphasize social recreation, and are designed to be enjoyable above all things. Since we do not consider them therapy or treatment (and they should not replace formal therapy or treatment), we can focus on creating shared enjoyment among group members, laying a strong foundation for building healthy and lasting relationships.

Since our founding in April 2014, all our programming is free. Joining the Meetup and Project CASY are highly encouraged to ensure effective communication and maximum community benefit.

Made possible by

The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation Adult Autism Research Fund, a generous gift from the Rosen family, and the research/clinical practice of Dr. Roger Jou at the Yale Child Study Center.

Project CASY Meetup

Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation Adult Autism Research

The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation Adult Autism Research Fund is focused on young adults and adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and is dedicated to supporting research projects, training, and novel interventions to enhance their lives.

As children and adolescents diagnosed with ASD age and live their adult lives, our aim is to better understand the diverse needs, medical issues and challenges that affect them. The Yale Child Study Center has begun to work in this very critical area, and has developed a growing program that will invigorate multiple areas of research on adult autism. The goal of The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation Adult Autism Research Fund is to explore and understand autism throughout the lifespan by growing the body of research in the field of adult autism.