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Sukhodolsky Lab

The Sukhodolsky Lab conducts research on behavioral treatments for children with autism spectrum disorder, Tourette syndrome, OCD, anxiety, and disruptive behavior disorders. We investigate how well different behavioral therapies work and how they change the brain.

We are currently studying cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for anxiety in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), CBT for irritability and aggression in adolescents with ASD, adolescent and adult transitions in ASD, and fMRI neurofeedback treatment for OCD. Other interventions we have studied include CBT for anger and aggression in children, parent training for disruptive behavior in children with ASD, behavior therapy for tics, and digital parent training for young children with disruptive behavior.

The Sukhodolsky Lab is led by Denis Sukhodolsky, PhD, Associate Professor in the Child Study Center

On a warm spring day, Rayford Bromley, 13, sprawled on a bench in the Yale Child Study Center, chatting about school, his friends, and a bonfire he had been invited to attend. This was a big change from just a few months ago. Anxious and withdrawn, Rafe had been struggling, wanting to make friends but not knowing how to go about it.