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The Yale-China Program on Child Development

The Yale-China Program on Child Development is a cross-cultural program which promotes research collaboration and evidence-based training related to early childhood education and child development in both China and in the United States (particularly among Asian Americans). It was launched by the Edward Zigler Center in Child Development & Social Policy at Yale University. Participants include relevant departments at Yale University, research institutions of early childhood education, and related organization in both countries.

To improve the quality of early childhood education and enhance the welfare of children in Asian and Asian-American communities, the program organizes academic collaborations in the fields of classroom diversity and inclusion, teachers’ mental health, preschool and kindergarten SEL curriculums and quality assessment, social-emotional parenting, and child social policies, etc.

The Yale-China Program on Child Development is co-led by Yale faculty members Dr. Tong Liu and Dr. Walter S. Gilliam.