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FAQs About YCSC Research

What is research?

Research is the study of a scientific or medical process. It helps us understand disease and can guide the development of new treatments. Research is an essential part of improving the treatments and outcomes for mental health care.

What happens if I contact a research team?

If you are interested in learning more about any of the studies you can contact the research team using the contact information listed on the website. Once you reach the team, they will explain the details of the study–what it is for, who can participate and the activities of their study. By contacting them it does not mean that you will automatically participate in the study. It is a chance for you to get to know the team and the study and think about if it is right for you.

Do I have to participate in research?

Research is completely voluntary. We all appreciate your interest and efforts, and hope there is a study that is right for you. However, it is completely up to you whether any study is a right fit for you.

Will this affect the treatment I receive at the Child Study Center or elsewhere?

Participating in research at the Child Study Center is completely voluntary–there is no special treatment given to those who participate in research. With respect to your clinical treatment–therapy, medication, etc–you will likely be able to be in the study and continue your current clinical treatment. Occasionally there may be a study that offers a new medication or therapy. For those studies, it is important to discuss with the research team about how best to be in the study and work with your current treatment team.

What if I change my mind about participating in research?

Research is completely voluntary. If at any point you or your guardian decide that the research study is not the right one for you, simply communicate this to the research team, and they will work with you to close out of the study. Changing your mind will not affect the clinical care you receive.