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Scaling the MOMS Partnership®

Amazing things happen when we partner with women, meeting them where they are, and elevating family mental health as a pathway to economic and social mobility.

That’s why Elevate is scaling the MOMS Partnership, a program focused on decreasing depressive symptoms for overburdened and under-resourced mothers through interventions offered in places where mothers already routinely go—such as grocery stores or shelters. Building on great success with New Haven MOMS, Elevate is now tailoring the MOMS model to be implemented in at least five new sites over five years. Our goal is to work together with 5,000 women so that they can achieve significant relief from their depressive symptoms and find ways forward. These sites also serve as five proof points of scalability, demonstrating the capacity for broader-scale implementation of MOMS.

Out of respect for mothers, and the communities with which we partner, Elevate seeks sustainability of each new local MOMS program from the start. Sustainability involves embedding the Partnership within a public safety net or social service program or other effort of a government agency. Elevate’s scaling model engages government partners as leaders in MOMS replication and the results are impressive.

When the MOMS Partnership is implemented by:

Public Health Leaders
moms and children achieve new levels of mental and physical wellbeing.
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Systems
recipients are able to overcome mental health barriers that may have prevented them from completing a training program or securing employment in the past.
Child Welfare Agencies
parents have more of the supports they need to raise children in healthy, safe homes.
Superintendents and State Agencies of Education
children are more likely to attend school regularly.