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Academic Organizations

Through partnership with Academic Organizations, the Yale-China Program on Child Development will:

  1. Set up an expert committee for the program
  2. Organize Sino-US expert seminars in preschool education
  3. Engage in collaborative research, information sharing, and other academic exchanges

Since 2009, the Yale-China Program has been collaborating with a wide variety of academic organizations and media publications in China, including: Chinese Association for Higher Education, China Education Daily, China Teacher, and Early Childhood Education Journal.


From 2010-2012, the Yale China Program authored a monthly column in the Early Childhood Education Journal

  • Walter Gilliam & Tong Liu (2012).幼儿园教育质量的结构特征与过程特征[Preschool structural quality and process quality]. Early Childhood Education (Beijing).2012 January, 13-17.
  • Walter Gilliam & Tong Liu (2012). 幼儿园质量的测量[Measuring preschool quality]. Early Childhood Education (Beijing).2012 February, 13-16.
  • Walter Gilliam, Tong Liu, Elizabeth Bicio & Ruibin Mei (2012). 美国的早期儿童咨询 项目[Early childhood consultant partnership in America]. Early Childhood Education (Beijing).2012 March, 16-20.
  • Marc Brackett & Tong Liu (2012). RULER 教学方案—培养儿童情绪素养的创新与实 践 [The RULER approach --innovation and practice in training children's emotional literacy]. Early Childhood Education (Beijing). 2012 April, 7-11.
  • Tong Liu & Yifan Li (2012). 美国开端计划对中国学前教育行动计划的启发[What China can learn from American Head Start]. Early Childhood Education (Beijing).2012 September, 7-9.
  • Tong Liu & Yifan Li (2012).高质量的幼儿园意味着什么[ The meaning of high quality preschool]. Early Childhood Education (Beijing).2012 October 9-10.
  • Tong Liu (2014).角色游戏是培养幼儿创新能力的重要途径 [Dramatic play is a very important approach to develop Children’s creativity]. Early Childhood Education (Beijing).2014 Jun 11.