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Postdoc Seminar Series

The Yale Child Study Center (YCSC) Postdoc Seminar Series is a monthly forum that aims to foster collaboration among fellows and trainees across disciplines and departments. The YCSC Postdoc Seminar Series is dedicated to topics in child psychiatry that span translational neuroscience, cellular/molecular biology, and applied disciplines. Topics range from brain imaging to behavioral sciences, as well as translational applications of research to advancedclinical interventions and/or diagnosis of child mental health conditions.

Presenters have a range of backgrounds and expertise. The YCSC Postdoc Seminar Series strives to bring together faculty, students, fellows, and postdocs across disciplines. Presenting postdocs and fellows have the opportunity to receive valuable and constructive feedback on their presentations. The format for presentation is flexible and may include new findings/research, chalk talks, project planning, and job talks.

The 2022-2023 series will take place in a hybrid format from 12-1 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month from October through June. Workshops to facilitate career development, communication, leadership, and mentoring skills will also be provided, led by Dr. Daryn David in November, December, and February. Upcoming talks are added to the calendar below as they are confirmed. To request e-mail reminders about upcoming sessions, please send an e-mail to the series organizers, Karim Ibrahim and Soraya Scuderi. Select recordings of past sessions are also available.