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Scoring Tools

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GDO-R SSW: Strand Score Worksheet

For valid strand scoring and use of Performance Level Ratings all tasks within the strand must be administered.

To reduce error, Gesell encourages the use of the auto-calculating Electronic GDO-R Strand Scoring Worksheet.

GES SSW: Strand Score Worksheet

To reduce error, Gesell encourages the use of the auto-calculating Electronic GES Strand Scoring Worksheet.

Chronological Age Calculator

For ease and to ensure accuracy, use the calculator below when calculating a child's chronological age.
Age Calculator

Reliability and Validity

The Gesell Developmental Observation-Revised (GDO-R) Technical Report is a comprehensive evaluation of the reliability and validity of the GDO assessment instrument, updating previously standardized data from 1979. The results of the earlier 1979 study were published in School Readiness; Behavior Tests used at the Gesell Institute. Data presented in the report is based on a sample of assessments administered in of preschool and kindergarten age children between 2008 and 2010. A GDO Study Reliability and Validity Evidence Executive Summary is also available.

The Buros Center for Testing publishes authoritative reference materials that contain descriptions and candidly critical evaluations of assessments. Recognized for their quality worldwide, their publications comprise expert and independent sources of information about assessments. Download the Buros Center independent reports on the GDO-R and the GES.

NAEYC accreditation requirements for Standard 4: Assessment of Child Progress

The GDO-R meets National Association for the Education of Young Children requirements to provide a comprehensive assessment tool reflecting on all developmental domains. The Gesell Program also provides training, as well as mentoring and consulting plans to guide schools and centers in developing an Assessment plan that meets their needs and NAEYC requirements. NAEYC assessment information is available at the NAEYC site.