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Lab Services

The HAIR Lab is a Yale University Service Provider (USP). The HAIR Lab provides processing and steroid hormone assay services of hair, and nail samples for research purposes to investigators within and outside of Yale University.

Samples from both humans and nonhuman animals are accepted. (Other types of samples such as saliva, plasma, feathers, etc., may be acceptable upon consultation with Dr. Dettmer.)

Hormone assays (e.g., cortisol, DHEA/S, testosterone, progesterone, etc.) are conducted via enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Investigators may choose to utilize these services on a fee-for-service scale only, or to formally collaborate with Dr. Dettmer.

Current rates for hair & nail processing and assay services are as follows. The rates reflect the cost of lab supplies and materials, assay kits, and labor required for each sample. Consultation rates reflect fees for analysis and interpretation of data, assistance with study design (including IRB preparation), and related expertise.

Internal (Yale) Investigators

  • Single hormone: $32.43/sample
  • Each additional hormone: $8.00/sample
  • Consultation: $77.78/hr

External (Non-Yale) Investigators

  • Single hormone: $42.15/sample
  • Each additional hormone: $10.40/sample
  • Consultation: $130/hr

Please refer to the HAIR Lab’s Policy for Hair & Nail Assay Services for detailed information about pricing, inquiry, sample collection and preparation, shipping samples, payment, and acknowledgement of HAIR Lab Services. Contact for more information.