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Assessment Methodologies

At the Education Collaboratory, we are invested in co-constructing and supporting the development and validation of novel school-based measures and implementation science that support school communities to understand discrete and global indicators of student, classroom, educator, and school SEL. Our growing measurement portfolio advances SEL assessment and implementation science, and all our measures and protocols are free and publicly available.

Current major projects

  • Development and Validation of the Social and Emotional Learning Observation Checklist for Elementary School (SELOC-E)

    Institute of Education Science (Cipriano, PI)

  • Development of the Objective Awareness and Mindfulness Measure for Teachers (OAMM-T)

    Mind & Life Institute (Zieher, PI)

  • Refinement and Validation of the RELATE Tool for Inclusive Classroom Observation

    University of Delaware and Foundation for Child Development (Barnes, PI)

  • Project Flourish: Advancing SEL assessments and implementation in the service of racial equity and social justice

    Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (Cipriano, PI)