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IICAPS Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement Group


Intensive In-Home Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Services (IICAPS) addresses the comprehensive needs of children with psychiatric disorders and their families who need assistance in managing children’s behaviors to keep them safe in the home and community. Children appropriate for IICAPS are those who are discharged from psychiatric hospitals or residential treatment facilities with additional in-home support; children in acute psychiatric crisis for whom hospitalization is being considered; or children for whom traditional outpatient treatment is insufficient to maintain them in the community.

The IICAPS Research Group oversees and conducts research and evaluation of the IICAPS network and Yale IICAPS programs, and guides investigators interested in pursuing projects within this realm. The main purpose of IICAPS Research is to integrate research findings into practice. Some of the current projects in-clude: school attendance/school refusals, analysis of IICAPS treatment completers vs. non-completers, family en-gagement and effectiveness of IICAPS, significance of Important Childhood Events (ICE) and Adverse Childhood Expe-riences (ACE) in predicting clinically meaningful outcomes for children and families, and Family Health and Develop-ment Project.

The IICAPS Research group is led by Dr. Joseph Woolston, Albert J. Solnit Professor in the Child Study Center and Pro-fessor of Pediatrics.

Research Interest

Evaluation of intensive in-home psychiatric services for children and adolescents with psychiatric disorders (IICAPS).

Research Team

Collaborating Yale Faculty

  • Research Interests
    • Child Psychiatry
    • Family
    • Mental Health
    • Substance Abuse Detection
    • Risk Assessment
    • Stress Disorders, Traumatic
    • Psychiatry and Psychology
    • Health Care
  • Albert J.Solnit Professor Emeritus and Senior Research Scientist in the Child Study Center

    Research Interests
    • Adolescent Psychiatry
    • Child Psychiatry
    • Inpatients
    • Psychiatry