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About Us

Ian Solomon, Linda Mayes (Chair), Marianne Klewin, and Erin Warnick, in a group photo.
Photo by Robert A. Lisak

Ian Solomon, Linda Mayes (Chair), Marianne Klewin, and Erin Warnick, in a group photo.

Since 1911, the Center has been serving children and families from birth through adolescence. At our core is the mission to improve the lives of children and families through research, service, and training. 

We serve many roles. We are the Department of Child Psychiatry for the Yale School of Medicine and Yale New Haven Hospital. We are also a center for basic neurodevelopment research on the earliest neurodevelopment and behavioral problems troubling children. We are engaged in our community with many clinical services in clinic and community settings as well as in homes and pediatric practices. 

Our faculty are engaged in shaping policies that impact children and families both domestically and internationally. Our educational efforts include professionals trainings in child psychiatry, social work, and child psychology as well as trainings in research, specific intervention and prevention approaches, and in special areas of children’s mental health. 

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The Center is actively growing in many areas from basic research in the genetic and neurobiological basis of childhood psychiatric disorders to training clinicians around the world in state of the art mental health service delivery. 

Our commitment is to continual improvement in what we do for children and families and in learning from all that we do so as to inform that growth and improvement. Thank you for visiting our site and your interest in the work of the Child Study Center.

Moving Forward

Vision(s) for the YCSC

Dr. Linda Mayes, Director, presents to the Child Study Center community at the 2017 opening session.