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School of the 21st Century

Welcome to the School of the 21st Century (21C) website. Based at Yale University, the 21C program develops, researches, networks, and supervises a national model that links communities, families, and schools. There are currently over 1300 21C schools across the United States.


... a school that recognizes that learning begins early and helps prepare children for school, before they enter kindergarten, through full-day, year-round early care and education programs and partnerships with local child care providers.

... a school that makes the most of out-of-school time while meeting the needs of today's working families by offering safe, structured, and stimulating environments for school-age children when school is not in session.

... a school that treats parents as partners and provides them with information and support to be the best possible parents they can be, answering questions about child development for nervous first-time parents, as well as helping other parents deal with issues around homework, sibling rivalry, and self-esteem.

... a school that understands that children who are healthy, well-fed, and physically fit can concentrate in class and learn better and promotes children's wellness through preventive medical and dental services, mental health services, and improved nutrition and fitness.