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Research & Data Sharing


Current Projects

Norms and Empirical Thresholds of Pediatric Irritability Across Cultures

Project Lead: Dr. Wan-Ling Tseng

This project aims to derive norms and empirical thresholds of irritability across multiple countries and cultures using the pooled dataset from the consortium.

Association Between Youth Irritability and Suicide-related Outcomes Across Cultures

Project Lead: Dr. Massimiliano Orri

This project aims to investigate associations between youth irritability and suicide-related outcomes. This study will provide the most comprehensive evidence on this topic to date, and its results will help understand suicidality among irritable children to inform clinical decision making.

Informant Effects on Reports of Irritability in Children and Adolescents

Project Lead: Dr. Manish Jha

This project will leverage cross-cultural datasets from the consortium to evaluate informant effects on reports of irritability and how these effects vary based on age, gender, and other biological mechanisms.

Data Sharing

We have ongoing efforts to pool existing data. If you have data on irritability (i.e., de-identified individual-level data or group-level summary statistics) that you would like to share, please contact Dr. Wan-Ling Tseng or Dr. Manish Jha. We will work with investigators to facilitate the data sharing process (e.g., help with drafting a data use agreement and/or uploading data).

For more information about the data sharing process, please see this information sheet.