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Gupta Lab


The Gupta Lab is investigating the genetic basis and neurobiology of autism spectrum disorder, a prominent condition affecting social cognition. The lab is especially interested in understudied populations on the autism spectrum, such as females with autism and those with late-onset, severe regressive autism known as Childhood Disintegrative Disorder (CDD). The lab prioritizes the pursuit of highly multimodal analyses, which encompass clinical characterization, genetics, neuroimaging, eye-tracking, and/or deep learning algorithms. The Gupta lab is led by Abha Gupta MD PhD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Child Study Center, Neuroscience, and Wu Tsai Institute.

Participant Eligibility/Benefits

  • Individuals with ASD, CDD, or rare neurogenetic syndromes
  • Family willing to contribute a blood or saliva sample (parents as well)

Research Interest

Genetics and neurobiology of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and rare neurogenetic syndromes

IRB Study Title

Genetic and molecular studies of developmental neuropsychiatric disorders associated with cognitive and behavioral
impairment (HIC# 0301024156)

Research Team

Collaborating Yale Faculty