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Stigma in the Mirror

Yale Child Study Center Grand Rounds

While institutional wellness programs have been implemented in health professions education for many years, there have been numerous challenges in implementation. One of the challenges to existing wellness programs relates to how stigma against help-seeking limits prevention and early identification of distress. When experiencing the warning signs of psychological distress, individuals often do not seek support due to self-stigma which relates to fears of retribution, or appearing vulnerable or weak to others. Common approaches to stigma reduction, however, typically involve increasing knowledge to challenge biases and stereotypes which has not led to sustained or meaningful change. Emerging research on implicit and structural forms of stigma may provide unique insights that transform how we address stigma into the future. The learning objectives for this session are to:

  1. Discuss the concepts of implicit and structural stigma and their relevance to healthcare
  2. Describe a model for stigma recognition and management that has been empirically derived through research
  3. Explore ways to co-create systemic change to address stigma and improve wellbeing

This will be a hybrid session, held live and in person from the Senn Conference Room and simulcast via Zoom.

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