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First Annual Academic Progression Celebration

Yale Child Study Center Grand Rounds

This opportunity to gather together and celebrate academic progression among YCSC faculty and staff will be in-person only, in the Senn Conference Room at 230 South Frontage Road. The courtyard may also be available, weather permitting. Refreshments will be served, and opening remarks will be provided by Linda Mayes and Tara Davila. Those being recognized for recent promotion or progression (as finalized and approved in fiscal year '23 and to date in FY24, i.e., 7/1/22-9/30/23) are as follows. Congratulations to all!

  • Amanda Altieri, Compliance & Training Coordinator
  • Tanya Barnes, Account Assistant 5/Department Liaison
  • Heather Bonitz-Moore, Assistant Professor of Child Counseling
  • Laurie Cardona-Wolenski, Associate Professor of Child Psychology
  • Una Casey, Senior Administrative Assistant
  • Laura Ciarleglio, Assistant Professor of Social Work
  • Renee Cifarelli, Assistant Professor of Social Work
  • Daryn David, Assistant Professor
  • Megan De Carvalho, Assistant Professor of Social Work
  • Amanda Dettmer, Research Scientist
  • Karen Franchi, Training Program Administrator
  • Megan Goslin, Associate Professor of Clinical Child Psychology
  • Ellen Hoffman, Associate Professor
  • Karim Ibrahim, Assistant Professor
  • Suzanne Macari, Senior Research Scientist
  • Kieran Maiorana, Assistant Professor of Child Counseling
  • Katherine Malensek, Assistant Professor of Social Work
  • Crista Marchesseault, Director of Communications
  • Carla Marin, Assistant Professor
  • Heather Maurizio, Assistant Professor of Social Work
  • Emily Olfson, Assistant Professor
  • Kartik Pattabiraman, Assistant Professor
  • Michael Powers, Associate Clinical Professor
  • Vladislav Ruchkin, Associate Professor Adjunct
  • Gitta Selva, Program Administrator
  • Jordan Shamas, Program Administrator
  • Carla Stover, Professor
  • Denis Sukhodolsky, Professor
  • Linda Torv, Program Manager 1
  • Nadeeka Treadwell, Assistant Professor of Social Work



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Grand Rounds


Coffee and Snacks
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