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Sirisha Sanamandra, MD

Assistant Professor of Neurology; Director of the Lumbar Puncture Clinic, Neurology

I am an assistant professor in the Department of Neurology and I moved to the US from India after medical school training. During my neurology residency training here at Yale, I was drawn to the collegial atmosphere and the wonderful chance to work with trainees and decided to call New Haven my home. In my role as a neurology attending, I have the chance to interact with medical students, residents, and fellows in both outpatient and in-patient settings. I am blessed to be a part of their journey as a teacher and continue to learn from every interaction with them.

One of the awards dearest to my heart is the teaching award conferred upon me by the neurology residents in 2022, and it reminds me to be a better teacher every day for my students. I worked last year with the Medical Coach Experience and loved every minute of it. During my life as a trainee, I had exceptional mentors who believed in me and helped me find the best in me and I am grateful for their role in my life and I want to pay it forward by continuing to work with students. I believe the Yale School of Medicine Longitudinal Coaching Program will definitely further my goal of igniting young minds and my joy lies in watching them thrive and flourish in their career.