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The School of the 21st Century

The School of the 21st Century (21C) is a community school model that incorporates child care and family support services into schools. Its overall goal is to promote the optimal growth and development of children beginning at birth.The 21C Schools concept was the idea of Yale University Professor Edward F. Zigler and developed for national implementation by Zigler Center Associate Director Dr. Matia Finn-Stevenson.

The program is based on the recognition that changes in patterns of work and family life in recent decades have meant new concerns for parents, especially a pressing need for affordable, quality child care. These same changes have also meant challenges for educators seeking to ensure that children arrive at school ready to learn and receive the support they need to succeed academically.The 21C program develops, researches, networks, and supervises this revolutionary educational model that links communities, families, and schools.

There are currently over 1300 21C schools across the United States. To read more about The School of the 21st Century and their research efforts, please see their official website.