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Post Graduate Program

The CSC Postgrad Committee is a voluntary group of CSC staff and faculty who help to integrate postgrad-related resources and programming (workshops, training, mentoring, etc.) across the CSC.

CSC Postgrad Programming

PGA Leadership

We encourage postgraduate associates to have an active voice in their training, and as such to co-develop programming to meet their interests and training needs. The PGA Representative(s) contribute(s) to development of postgrad programming and social events. A nominated PGA will be asked to attend CSC Postgrad Committee meetings to bring ideas and directions for the committee to address.

Previous PGA Representatives:

  • 2023-2024: Diana Bok, Christian Edwards, and Prathyusha Srinivasan
  • 2022-2023: Morgan Patterson
  • 2020-2022: Rebecca Jordan

Professional Development Sessions

The CSC Postgrad Committee organizes several events to help first- and second-year postgrads with career planning, graduate school applications, and related topics in professional development. Sessions may include a panel discussion with postdocs and faculty members, guidance from the Office of Career Strategy on the nuts and bolts of graduate and medical school applications, and a leadership skills workshop.

Advising Program

The postgrad advising program provides an opportunity for fellows to be paired with a Child Study Center clinician or researcher outside of their lab. The purpose of this program is to match any interested postgrads with an advisor to provide them with guidance around any issues that come up during their fellowship and to help with professional development (e.g., guidance in applying to grad/med school, etc.). Postgrads will have the opportunity to sign up for this program at the start of their fellowship. Contact Julie Wolf ( for more information.

Travel Award

The CSC Postgraduate Travel Award offers $500 towards the travel expenses of postgraduate research associates attending national or international scientific conferences. The goal of this travel award is to: (1) encourage post-graduate associates to present their research at scientific conferences; (2) facilitate their interacting with leaders in their fields of interest at these conferences; and (3) support their career development.

Applications are available on the CSC Intranet. For more information contact Dr. Ellen Hoffman (

Event Calendar

The event calendar of other CSC PGA Trainings can be found on the CSC intranet.