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Development and Validation of the Social and Emotional Learning Observation Checklist for Elementary School (SELOC-E)

Institute of Education Science (Cipriano, PI)

Funding Source: Institute of Education Sciences

Team: Chris Cipriano, Almut Zieher, Craig Bailey, Michael Strambler, Joanna Meyer, Famatta Gibson

The SELOC-E will be an observation tool for elementary classrooms specifically designed to capture SEL pedagogy that enhances student learning. The SELOC-E will support practitioners and researchers to: (1) measure discrete theoretically supported pedagogies fostered by effective SEL curricula; (2) identify key growth areas in practice to support teacher SEL instruction and promote best practice in the delivery of SEL curricula, and (3) understand how these practices are associated with student social, behavioral, and academic outcomes. The SELOC-E will directly assess SEL pedagogy in elementary schools (K-5) using a multi-method, multi-informant observational design.

The SELOC-E will be developed through a mixed-methods design grounded in action research to support the resulting tool’s immediate practical utility within school, state, and district assessment frameworks.

This year (2023-24) we are piloting the SELOC-E to establish initial evidence of psychometric properties and refine the observation tool and system alongside 50 SLs and 300 classrooms across the country. We will also conduct a cost analysis of SELOC-E implementation to inform dissemination.

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