Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

Emotions drive learning, decision making, creativity, relationships, and health. Our mission at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence is to use the power of emotions to create a healthier, and more equitable, productive, and compassionate society, today and for future generations. 

We conduct research and design educational approaches that support people of all ages in developing emotional intelligence and the skills to thrive and contribute to society. We do this work because the well-being and sustainability of our society depends on each of us using our emotions intelligently.

What We Do


The Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence offers trainings for educators, schools, out-of-school time professionals, students and families, to improve their lives through social emotional...

Research Areas

Through the science and application of emotional intelligence, we are working to determine where and how training in emotional intelligence can make a difference in the lives of children.

Assessments and Scales

We focus on identifying and designing assessments of emotion, emotional intelligence, and associated outcomes in children and adults.

Innovations in Social Emotional Learning

We partner with like-minded organizations and individuals to develop innovative strategies and design evidence-based interventions to enhance social and emotional skills