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Eamon McCrory, PhD

Professor Adjunct in the Child Study Center



Eamon McCrory is a Senior Lecturer at University College London where he co-directs the Developmental Risk and Resilience Unit with Essi Viding.His research explores the environmental risk factors that shape how the brain processes social and emotional information in childhood with the aim of better understanding mechanisms of developmental vulnerability and resilience. Of particular interest are the neurocognitive mechanisms related to childhood maltreatment and antisocial behavior. He is also a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with the NSPCC. His clinical role involves assessing and treating children and adolescents presenting with severe behavioural problems, including antisocial behaviour and sexually harmful behaviour.

Dr McCrory is also the director of the MSc in Developmental Neuroscience and Psychopathology, offered by UCL and delivered in collaboration with the Child Study Center Yale. Students spend the first year at UCL and the second at the Center completing a research project under the overall guidance of Professor Linda Mayes. This course is part of the broader partnership between UCL and Yale and was established in 2006.

Education & Training

  • PhD
    Kings College (2004)
  • PhD
    University College (2002)
  • BA
    Cambridge University (1995)

Departments & Organizations