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Virginia Shiller, PhD

Clinical Instructor, MCSC Licensed Clin Psychologist

Contact Information

Virginia Shiller, PhD



Virginia Shiller, Ph.D. is assistant clinical professor, Yale University Child Study Center. She supervises Child Psychiatry Fellows in the treatment of young children, and in her private practice she treats young children, adolescents, adults, and families. She is the author of The Attachment Bond: Affectional Ties across the Lifespan (2017).

Education & Training

  • PhD
    University of Delaware (1984)


  • Treatment of Children with Attachment Disorders
    United States (2006-2014)
    Address attachment and trauma issues in children in foster/adoptive care.
  • Couples Therapy
    United States (1989-2014)
    Treatment of partners in problematic relationships
  • Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychotherapy
    United States (1985-2014)
    Psychoanalytically oriented treatment

Departments & Organizations