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Dr. Talia Szydlo


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Dr. Talia Szydlo



Dr. Talia Szydlo is a psychologist licensed in California and in the United Kingdom. She is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the Yale Child Study Center, Yale School of Medicine, where she collaborates with international clinicians and scholars conducting research on topics related to development processes. In addition, Dr. Szydlo holds a full-time Core Faculty position in the Clinical Psychology PsyD Program at CSPP, Alliant International University, San Diego.

Prior to moving to the US, Dr. Szydlo worked in London as a student psychotherapist at the Mental Health Support Service of King’s College University, as well as at Parkside Clinic, where she provided long-term psychoanalytic psychotherapy to individual clients.

Dr. Szydlo works with adults and young adults. Her clinical work focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of various diagnosable conditions, as well as with existential concerns such as how to live an intentional, meaningful life.

Dr. Szydlo enjoys conducting qualitative research as a way of building an in-depth understanding of unique lived experience and complex psychological phenomena. Her research interests include: culturally-informed developmental psychology, migration and its effect on the formation of identity, critical psychopathology, and the variable applications of psychoanalytic theory and existential philosophy in psychotherapy.

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