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Farhad Montazeri, MD

Clinical Instructor, Child Study Center



I am a Physician (M.D.) with residency training in General Psychiatry. I practice clinically at Primary Care And Behavioral Health Services in Hamden, CT and have also been conducting research at Yale Child Study Center for around 6 years.

My research is focused on network modeling of psychiatric disorders, especially ASD, and its related comorbidities, like depression and anxiety.

Network Models are composed of interrelated "nodes", which represent variables under study and "edges", which connect them and represent their relationship. For example, items of a psychometric instrument could be the nodes of a network, connected by edges, whose thickness or "weight" correspond to partial correlation coefficients between them.

Education & Training

  • Resident
    ETSU (2016)
  • Resident
    Mercy St.Vincent (2012)
  • MD
    Tehran University Of Medical Sciences (2005)

Departments & Organizations