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Bridget Walicki

Postgraduate Associate in the Child Study Center

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Bridget Walicki



Bridget graduated with high honors from Lehigh University, receiving a B.S. in Behavioral Neuroscience in 2022 and M.Eng. in Healthcare Systems Engineering in 2023. At Lehigh, Bridget completed a senior honors thesis investigating the mechanism underlying feature-selective learned distractor suppression. As an undergraduate, Bridget worked as a research assistant in Dr. Nancy Carlisle’s Memory and Attention Lab and as a Technology, Research, and Communication Fellow. She became interested in autism research while working as a group leader at Aspire, an outdoor therapeutic camp for autistic youth targeting social competency, self-awareness, and stress management skills. Currently, Bridget is a Sara S. Sparrow Fellow in the Clinical Neuroscience of Autism in the McPartland Lab. She hopes to pursue a career in clinical psychology, combining her passion for science and her love for connecting with others.

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